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The upstream oil and gas industry is undergoing a radical transformation. New technologies and new digital solutions are coming together to trigger a new industrial revolution, connecting physical assets to the Internet, providing new insights into operations through advanced analytics, and enabling new and more efficient forms of cross-domain collaboration.

Technology is helping organizations across industries to transition from an analog past to a digital future. New technology promise to cut costs, improve efficiencies, and streamline operations for E&P companies. Thus, you need to understand and develop appropriate strategies based on the future technology landscape.

With this eBook, we aim to do three things:

  1. To give you an overview of the technologies and trends that drive the digital transformation of the E&P industry
  2. To dive deeper into the various cloud-based platforms that can provide tangible business impact for E&P companies
  3. To highlight a critical challenge that emerges with the proliferation of cloud-based platforms in the E&P industry and provide you with concrete advice on how you can solve that challenge

That is the theme of this eBook: A short guide to the digital subsurface universe and the digital transformation of the E&P industry.

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